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SilverHealthy Ionic Silver System

Improve Health & Beauty with IONIC SILVER

The SILVERHEALTHY machine produces Ionic SILVER solutions



CLICK HERE for Wikipedia's Summary of the benefits of Silver

CLICK HERE to see GRAPHIC Home Lab Results

CLICK HERE for a "LIVE" REAL-TIME killing action of Ionic Silver

CLICK HERE for Wikipedia's Copper's effectiveness killing MRSA

CLICK HERE - Silver-Copper Ions: wide spectrum UNIVERSAL antiseptic



1. KILL bacterial growth

2. KILL Antibiotic-RESISTANT bacteria

3. EASY to produce

4. COST effective

5. SilverHealthy uses STERLING Silver (an alloy of 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Copper)

6. SUPPORTS Silver dihydrogen citrate (SDC), a very stable chelated form of silver.

See FAQ for details

7. In Summary, RESEARCH shows Silver IONS MAY BE the answer


This is an ionic silver/copper generation machine.

It uses Sterling Silver Electrodes (12 gauge)

to produce powerful ionic silver with a low, yet scalable,Parts Per Million (PPM)

with an average 10 PPM concentration.

Research shows that low PPM concentrations provide powerful bactericidal

(via silver) and antifungal (via copper) action.

All this without the risk of toxicity if ingested.


Research proves the benefits of Ionic Silver are well known

Facts: Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver (bactericide) and 7.5% Copper (food supplement).

Silver is used in hospitals to PROTECT babies' eyes.

Ionic Silver is used for keeping drinking water SAFE.

Silver is used to PROTECT pets and even household plants.

The SilverHealthy System saves you money !

  • Pure Sterling Silver Electrodes;
    [Note: Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver - a powerful wide-spectrum bactericide, 7.5% Copper - a well known food supplement]
  • Reliable, trouble-free Power unit
  • Robust Electrodes give you Years of Reliable Service
  • Easy to Use - "Plug and Use"
  • High Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Cost effective, saves you money


    On a Budget?

    Save Money

    For example, Silver is sold at health food stores as COLLOIDAL Silver   for up to thirty dollars ($30) a bottle.

    Assuming you buy one (1) bottle per week, your savings could total

    SAVINGS of $ 1560 per year

    The SILVERHEALTHY machine will pay itself in no time at all.

    You'll be making your own Ionic Silver solution for about $1 a gallon.

    We are convinced the SILVERHEALTHY machine will meet and exceed your expectations.

    Order your SILVERHEALTHY machine today.

    Key Features: Pure Sterling Silver ELECTRODES.

    WALL Power Transformer is INCLUDED! (No Batteries Required).

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