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How do I use the SilverHealthy machine?

The SilverHealthy machine is very easy to use.

q       Put distilled water in your machine.  You may use tap water if you wish. I use tap water for my personal machine.  In theory, the purity of your Silver solution will be highest with distilled water. However, distilled water does not conduct electricity well. Tap water is electrically conductive and is more practical to use.

q       Do not add anything to the water.

q       Connect the machine to a wall outlet. The machine uses a safe low voltage.

q       Leave the machine connected for a minimum of five (5) minutes and a maximum of 24 hours.

q       You will NOT see the water start get cloudy as the silver ions move from one electrode to the other. The machine is designed to create CLEAR low PPM silver ion solutions.

q       You may choose to disconnect the machine at the end of the five (5) minutes, although this is not necessary. I leave mine connected 24 hours each day.

q       You are now ready to use to ionized Silver solution. Depending on the type of water you use the concentration of Silver will be in the five to ten (10) PPM (Parts per Million) range. This PPM concentration is more than adequate to meet your silver needs. Please read the "Benefits of Silver" section for more information. Furthermore, this concentration is safe even if you decide to drink it. The solution keeps indefinitely.

q       Yes, it is this easy.

q       It is not necessary to wipe the STERLING SILVER electrodes clean. It is normal and safe for a slight deposit to form as a result of the normal process of ion exchange between the Sterling Silver electrodes and the water. 


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Where can I find Research on the Benefits of Silver?

This is a fascinating question.  There are huge quantities of research on this topic. Please click here to visit the latest research – Silver Benefits Research



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Why doesn’t  the Pharmaceutical industry sell SilverHealthy machines?

Silver is currently classified as acceptable for consumption within limits .  The Pharmaceutical Industry is more interested in higher profit margin products.  If you go to the nearest Health Food Store you will see Colloidal Silver sold for up to $30 a bottle.  The At one (1) bottle per week, this means SAVINGS of $1560 /year if you make vs. buy.  This is safer than colloidal silver solutions.  Ionic solutions will only hold a limited amount of Silver in solution.  This is the safe way to limit the risk of excessive consumption of Silver by your body.


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What is the Return Policy?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, please return for a refund within 7 days of purchase receipt (buyer is responsible for return Shipping and Handling).  No questions asked.

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When will I receive my SilverHealthy machine?

You will receive your machine within 2 weeks of placing your order.



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What are the technical specifications of the Silverhealthy machine?

This machine is designed as a silver ion generation machine. Although the machine may not look "pretty" it is proven to work. It uses Sterling Silver Electrodes (12 gauge) to produce powerful silver ion solutions with low PPM (5 to 10 PPM range). Research shows that low PPM concentrations provide powerful bactericidal (via silver) and antifungal (via copper) action without the risk of toxicity if ingested.

It uses 12 Volts AC (alternating current) to ensure a clear, debris-free, precipitate-free solution. 12 Volts AC, coupled with the robust gauge of the electrodes ensure years of trouble-free use. Some of our competitors use Direct current (DC). The problem with DC is that it creates particulate matter that cloudies the water, creates debris, and destroys the electrodes.  

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How do I increase PPM (Parts per Million) concentration or make SDC (Silver DiHydrogen Citrate)?

Some Silverhealthy customers have insisted they want to increase the concentration of the solution above the machine's design limits (5 PPM average). Concentrations as high as 500 PPM are achievable with the use of food grade Citric Acid or using table salt as an electrolyte. The use of Citric Acid will create SDC, a powerful and stable silver chelate with robust antibacterial properties.

Food grade citric acid is available at Ebay.com. HOWEVER, the use of citric acid as an electrolyte is OK but is not required. Silver ions work well with very low concentrations.

NOTE: IF you choose to increase the PPM concentration by adding food grade citric acid to the water, THEN PLEASE consider limiting the use of your solutions to external use only.  

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